Saturday 15 May 2021
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We remember you sweet Mother!


The shock of everything is so surreal, you feel as though you’re suddenly living an entirely different life.
After I lost my mother, few moments provoked so much fear in me which made me think life would never be the same again-not that I expected things to be the same in her absence. Many of my friends and family showered unconditional support upon me while others tried to understand and relate to what I was going through, but I feel nobody could relate to what I was going through. Being the extreme introvert that I am, I preferred to keep things to myself. I felt nobody would understand my situation because of its uniqueness.
I hid the tears and all the heartache from everyone because I did not know how to be vulnerable, especially with my pain. I assured everyone that I was coping well but deep down I knew very well that I was lost, confused and so angry. In my case it was more difficult because I was just 16. But I kept strong, because like a wise man once said “strength heals in more ways than you could ever imagine…It allows your pain to reinforce you, not define you.”
Day by day, I was reminded of my mother through vivid memories and it was worsened by the fact that growing up was not for the faint hearted, it is that period in every person’s life when the presence of a mother matters most for guidance and advice. Despite that, there is always one particular day that reminds me of her: Mother’s Day.
Many will be celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday and everyone will make a big fuss about their mothers, in fact, it has been the talk of town the entire week. As for some of us, it will be a dull day because mommy will be absent
Well, Mother’s day is one of those days that many of us who lost our mothers choose to ignore and try by all means to forget that the day even exists. We want to forget that we do not have that special person to spend the day with. Yes, we want to remember everything else, except days that remind us of them.
But, hey life is still is a beautiful struggle if you look at the bigger picture. Let us keep smiling and remember our late beloved ones every other day because without them we would have not been where we are. This goes to those who have mothers as well, every day should be Mother’s Day.
To all readers who have lost their mothers, let us celebrate Mother’s Day despite the loss, not because everyone else will, but because we once had our own and that in itself gives us reason to celebrate the time we had.
Even on days when the world will celebrate, we will remember them more in absence. May the loss of a mother or grandmother be your drive to live a life full of love and laughter.

Keep on resting sweet mother!!

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