Thursday 17 June 2021
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Ronnie Kanalelo’s tempter gets the best of him

Brave Warriors assistant coach Ronny Kanalelo (44) was involved in a physical brawl at the Maerua Mall Virgin Active gym in Windhoek yesterday. The situation became even more dangerous when Kanalelo drew a panga.
Eye witnesses who were going about their daily gym session were shocked to see the fight erupt between Kanalelo and a man yet-to-be identified.
Police spokesperson Slogan Matheus could not comment on the matter saying he is not aware of any charges filed.
Witnesses told The Patriot the two fought over gym equipment.
“Everything happened so fast, one moment the two were arguing and the next Ronnie walks into the gym with a panga that he went to get in his car. Knowing Ronnie and his temper, some of us feared for the worst,” said the witness who chose to remain anonymous.
Eyewitnesses say the victim was hit with the flat side of the panga on his face and marks were evident after gym users detached the fight.
Contacted for comment, Kanalelo opted not to comment on the issue saying it was too soon. “I cannot talk about it right now because it is too early. I will have to consult my lawyers to advise me further on the matter,” said Kanalelo.
Kanalelo is not new to public spats. In 2011, he was accused in the past of shooting at a Black Africa fan after club fans blamed him for their loss to Civics on a 2-1 score.
Attempts to get information from the gym proved futile as gym officials played oblivious to the matter saying the manager of the morning shift was not available.

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