Thursday 6 May 2021
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It’s over: TransNamib, Naanda part ways


……All charges against Naanda withdrawn

The TransNamib board and its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Saara Naanda, who has been on full pay suspension since 2014, have mutually agreed to part ways.
The settlement agreement was reached yesterday, although at this stage the cash-strapped company remains tightlipped over the settlement fee due to Naanda.
“The current board of directors have considered, in the best interest of both Ms. Naanda and TransNamib, not to pursue and continue the suspension and disciplinary process and all charges levelled against her are unconditionally withdrawn,” said the company in a statement released yesterday.
The company’s board of directors suspended Naanda, in 2014 with full pay pending finalization of investigations of wrongdoing, inter alia,
insubordination of board instructions. Hippy Tjivikua acted in her position.
It further stated: “The irreparable pain and damage caused to her good name and reputation is deeply regretted. Ms. Naanda’s employment record with TransNamib is left untarnished as a result of the withdrawal of all charges. The Board is deeply pleased to inform the public that the relationship between Ms. Naanda and TransNamib was amicably terminated as such.”
Media reports last year suggested that Naanda’s much publicised intimate relationship with business executive Augustinus Katiti came into sharper focus after being cited in a set of draft charges served on her by the company in March last year upon conclusion of an investigation into the TransNamib by audit firm Ernst & Young.
She was cited in three charges – breach of confidentiality obligations, conflict of interest and breach of trust, reported New Era at the time.
“The charge sheet is littered with Katiti’s name, especially under the subjects of breach of confidentiality and conflict of interest. Under the breach of confidentiality charge, Naanda is accused of having shared the content of a letter meant for then works minister Erkki Nghimtina, with Katiti, who is said to be her boyfriend,” stated the media report.
The information in the letter to Nghimtina related to lease and joint venture agreements between TransNamib and private companies.
She also stood accused of copying
Katiti in an email containing a confidential financial offer for the     employment of a chief legal advisor which also contained TransNamib’s salary structure for D3 and D4 levels that only board members should be privy to.
The State-owned rail company further accused Naanda of sharing with Katiti the company’s unaudited financial information, strategies on how to deal with problems facing the company, information on commercialisation and marketing of the company and outstanding debtor amounts.
“You breached your obligations and duties relating to confidentiality of information by sending this email containing the abovementioned confidential report and confidential information…” the company stated in the charge sheet.
Naanda’s lawyer, Metcalfe, maintained that Katiti has never had access Naanda’s emails.

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