Thursday 6 May 2021
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Nam celebs walk the student journey


The University of Namibia Medical School had their first UNAM Annual Medical Experience at the Health Sciences Campus on Wednesday this week.
This program was aimed at giving the nation an insight of the quality education the university is giving the students by taking members of the community and giving them a lifetime experience. It is hoped that this will not only educate them and decorate their résumés but also promote a sense of belonging. Through this practice, the university also aims to have the community feel involved and take pride in the seven star doctors that the university has already started churning out.
The Student Representative Council invited six public figures from six different professions that are far-fetched from Health Sciences in terms of content and context. The experience saw entrepreneur Dillish Matthews, entertainer The Dogg, TV presenter Paul Munanjala, model Meriam Kaxuxwena and Clerk Nelago Kweyo and Member of Parliament Sacky Shangala dressed in white coats and starting off their morning like medical students.
“The reason behind the day was to promote the medical school and actually allow people from different professions to get a feel of what is happening at our campus on a daily basis. We recently had our first medical students who
graduated therefore this would serve as a great platform to inform the public that being at the medical school is not a bad thing at all” said SRC of Recreation and Entertainment Sylivi Heroes.
She also
mentioned that the event was a great success. The public figures loved it and were excited right from the     beginning to the end. We gave back to them by teaching them how to take their blood pressure, how to do CPR and the basic knowledge of Pharmacy and Anatomy.
From starting very confused and lost in the physical science class the medical students for the day adapted in the basic skills laboratory where they learnt how to count heartbeats for blood pressure and take tests as well.
“It was amazing. I have so much respect for people who work in the medical field now. There were so many things to learn and remember,” said Dillish Matthews.
Award winning artist “The Dogg” attended the classes with much interest and as a rather inquisitive student. “I did not know much about what the students do but now I understand it in depth. It also reminded me of my dad since he was one of Namibia’s first medical doctors. Maybe now I might do it too. It was very exciting and I was happy to be part of the day,” said “The Dogg”. TV presenter Paul had many questions to ask during the day. The graduate expressed himself in all the classes and was very excited. “I actually learnt a lot. The brain is a wonderful organ”, said Paul Munanjala.
The university currently has to close to 600 students and just last week, the university celebrated the graduation of 35 doctors from the institution.

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