Wednesday 12 May 2021
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My heart screams THANK YOU!



The heart plus it’s beat must create a thankful rhythm.

The mind is powerful and the tongue is sharp. Whatever we think about or say throughout the day, will affect our whole personality and mood. If you spend your day thinking about Audi, you will become an Audi fanatic. If you spend your time thinking about travelling, you’ll want to always be going somewhere or doing something. If you spend your time listening to love songs, you will end up wanting to be in love etc.
But did you also know that if you spend your day talking or thinking about the negative things around you and things you can complain about, you will develop a rather grumpy personality. It will drag you down, and since pessimism and optimism are opposites, whichever one you allow to feed your mind will eventually push the other one further and further away.
When I woke up this morning all I could think of was the goodness in my life. I may not be where I want to be and neither are you but if you take time to look around you and speak life over your life you will see that everything around you is a blessing. By counting your blessings you will have a happier heart and inevitably thankfulness comes with it. I thought about being thankful and I was flamed with a thankful heart in everything I did. I haven’t always been a grateful person. For years I focused on what I didn’t have instead of looking at what I did have and be thankful for it. Whether it was in my love life, friendships or within myself.
What are you thinking about today?
I’m writing about this because having a thankful heart can make you see everything in a different light. Even the struggles you are going through right now will turn into something good. Just because you know you are going through some struggle does not mean life hates you. NO! Only the bravest survive, and the strongest are meant to reach greater heights therefore living an ordinary life is not our cup of tea. We know the taste of better days that is why we love challenges because that’s how we remain thankful.
There really is a lot to be thankful for, just look around you and that may that be reason enough to be happier and more thankful.
Come on, let’s make some joyful noise.
Are you ready to scream? THANK YOU!

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