Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Isack Hamata’s dream for Nampa



Isack Hamata’s second coming to Nampa is one that could see the agency being transformed into a fully-fledged multimedia institution, that is if newly-appointed chief executive officer Isack Hamata sticks to his word.
Information minister Tjekero Tweya yesterday announced at a media briefing that Cabinet on Tuesday endorsed Hamata to take over the reins at Nampa.
When contacted soon after the announcement, Hamata said he is grateful for the opportunity to be part of Nampa again.
“Together with the Board and the team, I would like to work towards the transformation of Nampa into a fully-fledged multimedia news agency. We must also work towards locating a place and role in the furtherance of national development ideals,” he said.
With that said, said the veteran sports scribe, there will be a strategic planning exercise in the coming weeks to map out our game plan for the next three to five years.
Hamata, who is currently employed as the Manager for Corporate Communications at the Namibia Financial Institutions’ Supervisory Authority (Namfisa), replaces former CEO Nghidinwa Hamunime who retired in last month.
Hamata’s education journey span from Martin Luther High School, Polytechnic of Namibia (now Namibia University of Science and Technology, Pentech and Sheffield Hallam University.
Hamata is not new to newsrooms in the country, having worked at New Era Publications Corporation, Namibian Broadcasting Corporation as well as Nampa.
Hamata also worked for the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation, Government Institutions’ Pension Fund (GIPF), Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) and Namfisa.

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