Friday 14 May 2021
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Is Likoro appealing his rape sentence?


Former Swapo big wig Vincent Likoro is said to be in the process of appealing his 10-year rape sentence, sources close to him revealed.
The Patriot understands     Windhoek-based lawyer Jan Wessels
will represent Likoro this time around.
Efforts to validate the claims of Wessels representing Likoro proved futile as the seasoned lawyer did not return calls and a text message sent to his mobile phone.
Wessels is slated to travel to Katima Mulilo, where Likoro was sentenced, this weekend according to the region’s deputy sheriff.
“I do not know which case he is coming for, because I was just informed that he will be in Katima Mulilo to come see me,” said High Court Deputy Sherif Carl Botes.
Those close to Likoro, maintain that his previous defence team was partly to blame for way in which the case ended in January.
Likoro who served as special advisor in the office of the Swapo secretary general was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment by the Katima Mulilo Regional Court in January after he was convicted of rape in the same court when he was found guilty of raping a female colleague in 2013.
At the time of committing the crime Likoro was employed as the special advisor to the then Minister of Lands and Resettlement Alfeus !Naruseb.
Court records indicated the rape occurred at Namushasha Lodge in the Zambezi Region, where staff members of the ministry were staying during an official visit to the region.
The rape happened after the delegation had dinner together, after which Likoro and the victim remained behind. It is understood he then started making sexual advances towards her, and is also said to have followed her to her room where he proceeded to have sexual intercourse with her without her consent.
While reading his sentence in court Magistrate Mbongani Ndlovu stressed he did not take into account that the accused is a public figure, as doing so would have either been an act of victimisation towards the accused, or an act of favouritism which in turn could have been an abstract of justice.
Likoro’s defence counsel Kennedy Haraseb from Metcalfe Legal     Practitioners had argued that Likoro be given a lesser sentence of four years and have the sentence or the case wholly suspended.
New Era reported at the time that Likoro’s defence lawyer argued that the fact that the accused has 12     children of whom 10 depended on him should be considered as substantial circumstances.
Magistrate Ndlovu however ruled this out, stating that those are just mere mitigating factors and do not qualify to be classified as substantial circumstances, states the report.
During mitigation and during the entire trial Likoro reportedly maintained he has no remorse for what he has now been convicted of. “I’m not sure if I should say I am remorseful or not, I have no ill feelings against the complainant as I am a Christian and have no reasons to lie. It’s just a pity that my version of the story was considered a fabrication,” Likoro pleaded in his defence.
State prosecutor Jatiel Mudamburi had suggested that the offender be sent to jail for 13 years. Ndlovu however sentenced the accused to 10 years which is the minimum for rape convicts according to the Combating of Rape Act 8 of 2000.

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