Wednesday 12 May 2021
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She was never in for the heart


I am sure many guys can relate to this naked reality. During your years of high school or maybe primary school (depending when you started dating), there were these ‘ish’ girls who looked down on you and never even thought of you as a potential. They did not even have the heart to brother-zone you because you just did not qualify to come that close.
To them then, you were simply that boring guy who was nothing but a number in class. Now you are all grown. You maybe have a car and your own place. On the other side, that ‘ish’ girl now works at a local supermarket, a mother to three from different paternal routes and looks at you with sudden waking interest.
All of a virgin sudden you have become relevant and worth a conversation because you now work and have a well-articulated vision. Back then, you were just a loser and often they labelled you to be ugly. Now, they seek refuge in their pride and want acceptance in your circle of the good hard-earned life. They start calling you the man of the moment. Kama ‘no one is ugly’. Waarso, they are just broke.
Go fly. Or better yet, look for a security guard if safety is what you need.
And you are so stupid to fall for that lie, especially when it’s narrated by someone to whom you were just a number and worth a shadow only when the sun rises. All of a sudden you deserve to be her right when you were no option even for the left. To make it worse, you know very well of the gallery of guys she visited who have now faded into extinction after reaching the sunset point of their lives. I know we are taught to pardon and accept people for once upon a time taking the wrong routs to shine but a simple ‘hi’ just enough.
Making a U-turn on the road of life after you have screwed up your teenage years and exhausted all your reflex muscles equally qualifies you a fine that no influence can wash away. No Prophet Bushiri or any soap will wash this primary choice of life. Not even Satan will forgive you for the turn-around and realization that was once raw is now a polished diamond. He too hates to be ignored. So now brother, just because leggings don’t lie and she has one on when she shamelessly says that she loves you with that seducing chest touch, #humira – she is lying through her bleached brains.
Just like society has a place for those who have committed society all sorts of wrongs, this sin qualifies to equally be punishable. I think it even qualifies to be our eleventh commandment. ‘Thou shall not turn back to what they once looked down upon for reasons of reaping or pleasure of any kind.’
Young man who has just started working and now thinks he has arrived because of the attention they are now receiving from them fly-by crop-tops, you still have much to learn. I am sure by now I have exhausted the fact that the words ‘I love you’ have been plagiarized for often the wrong reasons. Just like you have used them on the other seven chicks who think they are boss-madam, a few woman have tailored the words just for you too. She will tell you of how long she has been craving  for you and all sorts of lies just to get into the circle. Just so you know, it’s all about your wallet and being at the receiving end of your fortunes.
She has been out and about with long fingers of years of experience so it is only fair that she now wants to settle. But I pity you if you deem it right to be the owner of a rehab centre that will soon be left after graduation.
MfK asks you to reassess your current circle and identify those who serve no virgin purpose of their presence and cut them out just like you were of no significance in their life when you had no penny. After all, why would you want to ride with someone who refused to walk with you?
Hit the ignore button because it is just a lie.

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