Thursday 6 May 2021
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‘It was never about positions’


‘Justice is served. Now this is democracy. Viva justice!’ chanted the crowd after Judge Collins Parker delivered his judgement in favour of the expelled youth from the SPYL.
Parker on Friday morning ordered that the Swapo Party reinstate Job Amupanda, Elijah Ngurare, Dimbulukeni Nauyoma and George Kambala who were expelled for their involvement in the Affirmative Repositioning movement last year.
However, the Swapo four take it that it was never about their positions. “It was not about the positions as some of us had even already resigned from those positions. All we wanted was justice to be served. So tomorrow when young people have a different view with the elders, they will not be mistreated,” said Job Amupanda.
Amupanda and Nauyoma and Kambala were given the boot early last year for apparent ‘land grabbing’ and going against party policies.
“Everyone knows we were suspended unlawfully and it depicted a picture where you see an elephant standing on the tail of a mouse and you expect the mouse to be comfortable. So the court came and said no, it cannot be right.”
He further added that the judgement restores faith in the judiciary system. “It is really important that our institutions are challenged and today we saw the results. It is not our victory but the victory of justice. The judiciary has indicated that there is indeed independence and society can count on pure justice. We wanted to see if the people can have confidence in the judiciary and this was evident today. It is good for our judiciary and the ruling party. This judgement is our contribution to the ruling party.”
Asked on whether they intent to resume their duties, Amupanda responded, “We were never out. We have to discuss what this means for us. I had resigned so I do not have any position.”
With a lively crowd singing Party songs outside the court room, activist Nauyoma thanked every supporter who had faith in them during the court battle. “We want to thank everybody who supported and believed in the principles of natural justice. What was key of this judgment was the membership and not the positions. Everything went in our favour and everything looks fine for now.”

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