Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Education reforms coming



The Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation is in the process of conducting wide reforms in the higher education sector, but claims that the days of funding students at private universities have been rubbished.
The ministry’s permanent secretary Dr. Alfred van Kent confirmed that the ministry is in the process of amending education laws that are outdated to make room for modern laws.
“We want to strengthen the laws so that we can enhance equity. We will also look at the representation of boards as well as aligning education laws to the new development agenda,” he said.
The PS shrugged off claims that the ministry will amend the Namibia Student Financial Aid Fund(NSFAF) to ensure that funding is reserved exclusively for students who are enrolled at public tertiary institutions.
“There are plans to amend the laws aimed at stopping funding students who are studying at private universities.
The NSFAF act that was changed less than three years ago is also being looked at so that only public institutions can be funded,” a ministerial source said.
The source also said the ministry held a meeting with the heads of the heads of state owned entities that fall under the higher education ministry to discuss the reforms.
“This is an ongoing project and an initiative by the Minister. It is not a new thing and it not targeting NSFAF,” said the PS.
He said there are some regions that excluded when it comes to development, hence the need to create an equitable environment for higher education institutions despite the geographical location.
There are over 40 quality assured training providers in Namibia, while there are also those who are operating without accreditation from the Namibia Qualification Authority (NQA).


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