Thursday 6 May 2021
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You are worth it


How do you get to a place where you can boldly say, ‘I know my worth?’

I cannot tell you how important it is to value yourself more than any other. Without self-worth, you are lost in a world full of plastic.
By staying too long in the wrong relationships, friendships and allowing people to walk all over me was just a little of what triggered my inner self to realize that I am so much worth than someone else’s doormat. I cannot describe the feeling of how it feels to be walked over, how it feels to receive words of many kinds, to be cheated on, to be humiliated, to lose in life, to struggle through days and to fail myself by deciding to park at my pain. Just because of my love for pleasing people even if it means sobbing every day.
Funny and strange enough the most beautiful people are the ones who frequently think poorly of themselves. We tend to always rise up for others yet forget about ourselves. But hey, you got to realise that if you don’t believe in your innate worth it leads to all kinds of issues, such as killing your true voice, letting people think whatever of you, forgetting you are causing harm to yourself and ignoring your dreams and passions.
Well, It took me time to see that I am beautifully created and sculptured in the image of the most high and that I need to place myself on a throne, because a queen is who I am. Now that I am here all I can say is that you need to get here too. Why do you think it is OKAY to be in a situation that does not cater to your heart?
Ladies and gentleman it is time to step up for yourself and realize your worth. The secret from me to you is to know that your worth is abundant and it only takes a little bit of courage and mind to see it yourself.
Today I can say, I AM WORTH MORE THAN RUBIES. I promise you – once you start to have high quality thoughts of your dear self and love yourself completely you will see and realize your worth. It is our precious thoughts and beliefs that determine how we feel, which then determine our behaviours and actions. Try to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts that you can believe in and if you want to be treated with kindness, respect and love, treat yourself with kindness, respect and love first.
Dear reader, it all starts with YOU!
Own your value because you are worth it!

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