Wednesday 12 May 2021
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He lied, as usual


If there is a group of people I admire and respect all day long – it is surely the loyal comunity of  guys and girls who are open to being an extra companion to an already-existing relationship. I admire them because, unlike those who have acquired the madam boss tag, they know very well that their duty is acting in the capacity of an assistant and just complementing areas that the boss madam is not catering for. They are very aware of the truth and because of their deep African genetic characteristics; they do not mind sharing at all.
In the presence of the ‘apparent’ alpha, they will play the distant friend who is oblivious about the existence of any relationship to avoid any suspicions. Just when you look the other side after you have identified her to be harmless, she winks your future husband with that ‘see you later’ eye and off she walks.
Now I am very aware that there are good men out there who have mastered the real meaning of emotions and their relevance to women, maaraa we are a countable few. The problem is because most men, who lie a lot, know what women want to hear and see. Their lives are such a lie and so are those who they have locked in their kraal. They are very analytical, an attribute so strongly acquired throughout their years of experience in the game. They are the owners of wisdom in specifically that area and they do not mind sharing the version from behind.
So just in case your faithful papisa told you that he loves you, he lied – just like he has lied to his entire handful subjects and lastly to himself. The phrase tames all suspicions, domesticates your detective abilities and comforts your heart sealed with a smile of assurance. It’s all a lie and so are you to him.
Just so you know, there is a side chick out there laughing at your lousy confessions on Facebook about your strong feelings towards your ‘one and only.’ They know very well that you are just another number in the phonebook who has the title but equally and together, you all enjoy the same benefits, or better yet, they enjoy more. Ask him about it and he will put all extra relationships on hold to wash away all doubts and all is well again. He will cry on his knees if need be, take you to the movies even if he doesn’t enjoy them, buy you branches with roses and flowers even if he deems it abnormal and shower you with promises never to be fulfilled.
On the other side, assistant to boss madam patiently waits with comfort for your trails to settle and all will be business as usual. The only difference this time is that it will be with a cautious eye so that your long nose does not smell any dust in the kraal – just so that you get the feeling that you are the only one there. Years will pass, seasons will fall and little do you know that your bedroom affairs are duplicated at the neighbours and the house across the street. Sexual plagiarism at its best.
For this reason, I respect side chicks because they are the reason why some things just don’t work. They are that plan B in cases when the A doesn’t want to be just that. They know their position and play along to the lie. Do not ask me about their future because it is equally as shadowy as that of the lie narrator. After all, the blind man once said – ‘So I see.’
You know what, in the absence of the best, and his knowledge-stricken ability to bring out the best from his partner, he will instead look for the best but still keep you around to shine in your area of specialty. He will brush it off with the lame ‘I love you’ and all scores are settled with a dimple smile.
Lesson of the day- he lied. He has mastered the thin line between the truth and all that is false and he knows just how to pull his long leg over at any given time. Asses your relationship and you will discover that it has been devoid of any truth since its genesis. Not even the alter is the accreditation centre of any truth and loyalty so look for the dents on that ring.
MfK loves you that much


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