Wednesday 12 May 2021
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First 20 ladies enter for free


I’m a firm believer that this world has a corner and a comfort zone for almost everyone. On Mother Earth, we have created room for those who really want to grow and because we do not want anyone to be left out; others too have caught up with different rails leading them to wherever.
For a number of years, we have been speaking about women empowerment for the sake of bringing some scent of oestrogen power in this Namibian house. Very few have escalated through the male heads straight to the top while others decided to take a different approach and become habitual freebie gurus as if success was ever caught on a free ticket train.

This is something that pokes my rectum whenever I come across an event poster with all hefty entrance prices and a special one for the women. ‘First 20 ladies enter for free with two shots of Absolut Vodka each.’
Now, from a thirsty kasi guy point of view, these are the best of times for guys because one is guaranteed that the party will surely be a good hunting ground. But from the other holy side of my right-sided heart, I come to question if this is the way that we are empowering the other group of women who do not want to see themselves topping the list of women with substance. And we all know that most guys are intimidated by successful women and those who have a trimmed destiny. The other equally paining problem I have with the free invite is the way it portrays women as such. For a fact, a party without women is not a party for most men but what does it say about the thirst in this analogy? And who are the proud runners to this call of charity when there are hungry lions in the den who know very well that the night might just end in their style of run. And it mostly ends that way anyways.

As a child with no manners, this call serves me very right to just go ahead and I’m guaranteed to meet one woman on the 20 half sober because the vodka would have kicked her already by the gate on her way to the loo. All I need to do is swing my car keys, pay for two or three other rounds and the sun has sat. For God knows she has forgotten it’s an all white party and the lights do not show any directions until the sun rises and she finds herself in a different setting. Viva to women empowerment from a different angle.
I am personally not a fan of free things but I equally have zero problems accepting them. Because in this world, if you do not set standards for yourself, you are in for a ride down. Charity shows and the rest of the world is gonna look at you just as your entrance status – free and that other word I do not wanna say.

So maybe next time when you hear such free calls, undress your thoughts and see the bigger picture behind this recently-favoured trend. Businesses are selling and making money with one tool – women. It has become a marketing strategy. They know for a fact that party loving ladies will surely turn up before entrance time and on the other side, the guys will pay whatever the cost to see those fine legs in leggings. Mara dear madam who runs to every free thing, is this your all in life? Other women run to opportunities of relevant growth while for you, the only time you master punctuality is when you are off to the free entrance events. Other women are catching dreams, while your priority list is topped by catching free drinks. Makes me wonder the type of mothers we will have in the future. Come back, pull down your crop top, fix your CV and apply for a job. Other women are waiting for you in the book of real empowered women. My dear gents, I will leave you for today but rest assured we will wipe off that smile next week with your hanging pants and visionless, ageless, reckless and shenanigan priorities. You too have a thing still to learn.


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