Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Motor sport has made its way in our midst and Garwin Beukes is an enthusiast in every sense of the word. He has rebuilt his 97 Honda Civic, fixing oil leaks, getting the gauges to work, repairing wiring etc until it was in top shape. It has become something very common in our society where young men buy or inherit a car and add new dimensions to it. This type of thinking is very fault full and may cost you big time. “When you buy a second hand vehicle the first thing you should think off is making sure you have a comfortable and safe daily car,” he advises. Things to check after you have bought a second-hand vehicle: Brakes, clutch, suspension, tyres and a complete vehicle service history. If possible, have a mechanic go through your car and do some fault finding. After following step by step advice from his brothers Lorenzo and Eljaroe Beukes, the three embarked on a journey that would soon land this Honda the title of sexiest Civic EK on the block. He says, “It’s always better to buy new body parts as supposed to fixing existing ones”. That’s why he can confidently say his body work is at least 70% new. After buying and fitting a lot of body parts he saw the need to go further and at that point he started customising it to his preference.

Most of these were fitted in their back yard, and he says working with his brother Lorenzo (the brains behind all of it) has taught him some hard lessons. He changed the body colour to green and put on 15” Dohc vtec rims. This was only the start as he progressed to apply front and rear spoilers and fully customised his interior to match the cars black and green. His final touch was to add the gold plated 15” 8.25j Rotiform rims. When asked why he opted for gold he says – “I chose the theme green and gold firstly because I knew there was none other and secondly because I wanted to stand out from the rest.” The other side of owning such an elegant vehicle is maintenance. This counts for every driver out there. “I am a firm believer of keeping your car clean. There’s no pride in driving a pretty car that is not taken care off.” Beukes says he washes his car two to three times a week and cleans the engine bay whenever he finds time. Maintaining a paint job takes a lot more effort than most think. Beukes shares some tips on having your paint stay shiny are:

Using dishwashing liquid
Just because it can clean your dishes does not mean it can do the same with your car. Sunlight liquid contains all kinds of harsh chemicals that are capable of wreaking havoc on your paintwork. Instead of using dish soap, choose a car shampoo that’s been specially developed to remove stubborn dirt while being gentle on your paintwork.

Using the wrong cloths
Old habits die hard, and most of us still tend to tear an old T-shirt or use a sponge to wash the car. Cloths of this kind aren’t designed for use on cars, and they could cause lasting imperfections like fine scratches and swirls. Instead, invest in a microfiber wash cloth to gently absorb excess surface moisture and that you know won’t leave swipe marks on your paint job or windows.

Washing your car in direct sunlight
When you finish applying shampoo on your car after washing it, direct sunlight will dry it faster than it takes for you to rinse it off again, resulting in smears and soap patches. When you dry it some of these smears stay and oh-so often when you park in the shade you see all the soap marks on the side or on the roof. Solution? Wash your car in the shade and wait for it to cool down before applying any cleaning products.

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